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HŌLVIBE Retreats

HŌLVIBE Transformational Travel retreats are not just another wellness retreat. We infuse outdoor fitness, plant-based nutrition, connection, self-discovery, and FUN to create the ultimate reset experience for our guests. Our goal is for you to leave feeling relaxed, re-energized, and supported by your newfound wellness community. To learn more and sign up, click on one of the retreat options below!


Do I need to be a fitness fanatic to attend?
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Not at all! A HŌLVIBE lifestyle is deeper than being at a certain physical fitness level – it’s about ease, feeling good in your own skin and enjoying yourself. Of course, leaving stronger and more energized than when you arrive is a major win but that can be attained in a number of ways – whether it’s pushing harder in your workouts, taking in all the delicious plant-based nutrition, or stepping out of your comfort zone to join an activity you wouldn’t normally try at home. You can join every workout/activity but if you choose to skip an activity in favor of meditation or relaxing by the pool with a book, that’s great too.

Are there payment plans available?
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Yes, payment plans are available. Please note: any deposit on payment plans are non-refundable and can only be used as credits for future retreats.

Can I attend solo?
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Of course! When you join a HŌLVIBE Retreat you’re never solo – you’re linking up with a crew of likeminded people who can’t wait to meet you. HŌLVIBE relationships transcend geography and even when the retreat ends, the friendships continue!

How many people are attending?
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Approximately 10-12 people are attending.

How should I schedule my retreat arrival/departure?
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It is recommended to allow for 2-3 hours at the airport before your departure time.

If you would like to spend more time in the area, go for it! You will be responsible for those extra arrangements. The retreat center will not be able to host you for extra days unless arranged ahead of time with the center or if they have another retreat coming in after our group. Airport shuttle services will be available for you on the start and end dates of the retreat. Ride sharing services are available.

What is the food like?
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In a word – fire! From fresh tropical juices, smoothies, Caribbean-inspired bowls, exploding with spices and amazing flavors; everything is prepared fresh daily. We’re gonna be eatin’ good y’all!

Will we be working out 24/7?
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Not at all! We are going to take full advantage of our tropical resort and its beautiful amenities! There will be plenty of time to take a dip in the waterfall pool, relax in the hammocks and solo time.

Can I share a room with a friend or partner?
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Sure! If you have a roommate you’d like to share accommodations with, be sure to clearly indicate that when you register for your retreat.

Are my flights included?
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While everything else is taken care of in the cost of your trip, your flights are not included.

Do I need to arrange transportation to/from the airport?
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Airport shuttle services will be available for you on the start and end dates of the retreat.

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